Telepherique and Sultan Tourist Center

The center is comprised of a state of the art cable car linking Tel Jericho to the Mount of Temptation in less than five minutes. The cable is 1330 meters long from the base station to the top station in the mountain. There are 12 cabins and each cabin takes 8 persons with a carrying capacity of 625 persons per hour. Cabin number two takes the wheel chair.
The construction started with four donkies before heavy machinery was able to complete the works on the foundation of the top station in the mount of temptation.The view from the top station is breadth taking and there are a number of catering outlets including the Sultan Restaurant and coffee shop. The cabin travel over Tel Jericho and the overview of ancient Jericho is overwhelming. In addition, the cabins travel over Jericho oasis and the banana fields and half way through the journey to the Mount of Temptation there is a brief stop over to allow the visitors to take pictures and enjoy the panoramic view of Jericho.The Monastery is few minutes walk from the top station and the opening hours are posted at the main entrance of the Monastery and at various locations in the base station. It is recommended to wear decent clothing to be able to enter the Monastery and donations are appreciated.